Own UK Property with 0% Developer Finance

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UK property investment

An ideal opportunity to own UK investment property without a big cash deposit or even a mortgage

Why invest?

Are you a property investor with disposable monthly income that you want to put to work straight away? We are able to offer a ‘developer finance’ opportunity in the west-midlands area. Clients are able to invest into new flat developments from just £2,200 per month at 0% interest.

30% or 50% of the property balance can be repaid over the build period and a mortgage can be arranged on completion for the remaining balance or the investor can choose to use their rental income to repay the rest, which is an ideal solution for an overseas investor who may be unable to get finance in the UK markets.

  • ✓ New development spots near and around Birmingham
  • ✓ Prices starting from £99,950
  • ✓ 0% Developer finance plans available – from £2,200 per month
  • ✓ 6-7% expected yields
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