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Care Home Investments - High Returns or High Hopes? | Ivory Stone Investment
Dec 2018
People in the UK are now living longer than ever, but with older age comes more strain on public healthcare so let’s forget buy-to-let for a moment, could investing in care homes be your new ticket to an easier retirement? ...Read More
SSAS Property Investments - How to use your pension to invest in Property | Ivory Stone Investment
Dec 2018
If you’re a director of a UK limited company and like to have control over your financial future then you could be missing out on significant tax advantages by not considering SSAS property investments Today we take a look at ...Read More
Hotel Room Investment – How to build passive income by investing in hotel rooms
Feb 2018
You may think owning a slice of a hotels monthly profit would require lots of money and effort, but in this article we explore the idea of hotel room investment and how to make a monthly income while letting someone ...Read More
Property Investment Bonds - Don't Invest Until You've Read This!
Jan 2018
There are a mixture of property bonds available to sophisticated investors today, but what exactly are they? how do they work? and how safe are they? Let’s take a look What are property bonds? Property bonds allow investors to enjoy ...Read More
Jan 2018
New UK tax rules mean a £125,000 property will now cost you £3,750 more in Stamp Duty Tax, something which previously would of cost you nothing - isn't there another way? As a UK property investor, you not only face ...Read More